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  • What does "Endasi" mean?
    "Endasi" is emphasised differently in the two local languages, Luganda and Lusoga, but it has the same meaning. Literally, the word can be translated as "pulse" or "heartbeat". However, it is also used to describe something great that is difficult to express in words.
  • What is the aim of the Endasi Foundation Uganda?
    Endasi runs a children's centre that provides care for orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children in close cooperation with the probation and social welfare officer and supported by social workers. The children get the opportunity to take part in educational programmes, are placed back in safe families and receive long-term support from Endasi.
  • How many children are involved in the programmes of Endasi?
    We have 22 beds and always space for very urgent cases. Next to that we support children and families, who already live in the community and village districts of Jinja.
  • When and by whom was the Endasi Foundation founded?
    Eva Döhr founded Endasi as a german volunteer in the year 2013 as a children's home together with two Ugandan partners. Now Endasi and its structure evolved a lot, the staff and the board got bigger and professional. In addition the founder Eva Döhr lives in uganda for 7 years now.
  • How can I support Endasi?
    Supporting regularely can be provided by a project sponsorship but it is also possible to make a donation only for once. If you have any other ideas to support us, please get in touch.
  • Where is Endasi located?
    The child-center is located in Naminya North, Njeru, Jinja.
  • How many employees work at Endasi?
    A total of seven Ugandan employees work at Endasi on a fulltime basis. The administrative tasks are carried out by our project manager Becky and the financial officer Aaron. The two caretakers Aminah and Joseph are constantly available to support the children. Sarah and Simon are employed as teachers and Amisi supports the team with any work that needs to be done on the property.
  • Endasi - Ewaka - is there a difference?
    In short: Yes, it is. In a longer version: Endasi was first founded as "Ewaka Foundation Uganda", working together with the german association "Ewaka Deutschland e.V.". But about two years ago, the vision of the founder of Endasi developed in another direction and Endasi Foundation was established, which continues to work together with the partner organisation "Ewaka Germany".
  • What does the partner organisation of Endasi do?
    The german association Ewaka Deutschland e.V. organises projectweeks about Uganda at schools and collects donations to support the work in Uganda.

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