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Endasi Uganda and Endasi Germany

We are not alone. We have been working closely with the German side since our foundation in 2013. This resulted in our partner organization Endasi Global e.V. The German NGO also carries out educational projects. These are mainly annual project weeks at schools for more diversity.


But the most important thing is our project partners. You can take out a sponsorship through the German association and thus massively support the project in Uganda.

Are you interested in this approach? Then you can find out more here.

Endasi Global e.V.

Endasi Global e.V. is a German NGO that emerged from the foundation of the Ugandan NGO. It runs school programs on the one hand and coordinates the transfer of donations to Uganda on the other.


During the Uganda Project Weeks, it conducts workshops in schools with Ugandan speakers. The aim is to promote and celebrate more diversity. At the same time, we don't just want to set one-sided educational projects in Uganda, but also try to work against racism in Germany.

All the profit from the Schoolprogramm goes directly to the Endas Foundation Uganda.

Donation System

Endasi Foundation Uganda is dependent on donations. Monthly project sponsors keep us going. Most of them come from Germany. In return, a project sponsorship runs via the German NGO, with the full amount going to Uganda, as do all the profits from the school project weeks.


Donors receive weekly updates in various ways. Private WhatsApp groups are very popular.

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More Partners:

Thank you for taking every big step with us!


You want to know more?

Go to the website of the German NGO

Or click here
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